January Lunch Gluttony

by Sarah on February 11, 2010

Like last year when I was off work, I’m going out to lunch a fair amount.  What the heck else do I have to do, right?  I’ve been documenting it all for you to see, hopefully to entice you into trying some of these places.
1.  New Hong Kong Wok
We actually stopped in here to find the elusive soup dumpling, xiao long bao.  Even though I had read on Yelp or somewhere that they served them, our server vehemently denied it.  So we had to order other stuff.  But that’s ok, because the other stuff was really good too.
This is salted fried tofu.  It was served with chili flakes and green onions.
Next up was Chinese broccoli with oyster sauce, otherwise known as Gai Lan.  I order this every time we go to this place.  I’ve tried to make it but it doesn’t turn out as good.
Last we had this noodle dish with eggplant and these delightful little dried turnip thingys.  I didn’t know what they were, but my dining companion did.  This really was a tasty dish.
After lunch we went over to the Asian market, Ho Chin, to browse around.  I guess one day a week they get a huge shipment of bao and other goodies from San Francisco—and of course it was the day we popped in.  It was jam packed.  I found this bean crud.
And these tiny teensy baby bok choys.  My pal got some hot dog bao and a sweet doughy thing that had a cream filling.  Both were good.
Another day I went to Lalo’s.  Well, I’ll be honest.  Many days I went to Lalo’s.  But I’m only showing you one photo of my tacos.  Because I always get the same thing.  You may notice a small change on this picture—the taco on the far side is actually a brisket taco.  A revelation!  Delicious brisket on a taco.  I highly recommend it.
You remember shabu-shabu at Shabu.
Another outing yielded a picnic of cheese.  A LOT of cheese.  People brought cheese, then we ended up making a pit stop at the Marin French Cheese Co to get some more.  Their Rouge et Noir Camembert is to die for.
And my fanciest lunch.  You remember this, right?
My least-successful lunch.  I won’t speak of it again.
All I am going to say is that those gimmicky plates suck.
And the food was mediocre for the price.
One of my favorite go-to spots for lunch–The Italian Importing Co on J St. I love this shop and I love the guys that work there.  That there is my favorite sandwich:  Small salami and cheese, Italian style.
Zaney likes it too.  They remember Zane as a little 5-year-old guy that they used to give bubble gum to, we’ve been customers for so long.
And my last lunch out?  Good old In ‘n Out.  I saw that California’s Gold with Huell Howser about In ‘n Out and I knew then and there….I need a burger STAT.
It’s no Nationwide Freezer Meats, but it’s good, cheap and quick.  And there is something about it that’s ultimately very satisfying.
So that’s it for January.
Today I flew to Portland, OR, to visit my gal pals and to make some changes to this site.  I’m sitting here typing this while my dear friend wracks her brain trying to figure out the instructions.  This shiz is complicated!  I’m lucky to have such good friends.  With any luck, you may be seeing some changes around these parts in the next couple of days.  Wish us luck!
I better go now and pour her another glass of wine.

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