I Luv Portland!

by Sarah on February 16, 2010

Portland is a nice city. It’s not very diverse culturally, and it is a very casual city but very nice nevertheless. I try to visit at least once a year, but on this visit I realized I had neglected my beloved Portland for almost 18 months! I like to go and shop, eat, and visit with my pals, not necessarily in that order.

Here are just a few reasons I enjoy Portland so much.
Signs. Cool signs, man.

Junk shops. Lots and lots of junk shops.

Just filled to the brim with bizarro wares.
With some strange ideas about product placement.
Food carts. This was like a food cart food court.
And perfectly Portland, very few were actually open. Who knows when people actually go to them?
At last, we found a few open.
I had a crepe.
Ham and Gruyere. Looks like a happy face. An omen to how the crepe would make me feel very soon, as I was starving to death.
Cart for sale…..Hey Sacramento—-let’s overturn that stupid ass anti-food cart law, shall we? I need a new career, and that cute little yellow food cart is calling me.
Bars. Portland’s got a million of ‘em. I’m fonder of the dive scenario, but this little joint was cute too. I had a gin Manhattan—at least that’s what I think it was—the one that’s usually made with bourbon and has muddled cherry? Right. Except with gin. It was good.
I liked the red light on the stairway landing.
Here’s an oldie. Good old Holman’s. Good bar, board games, and greasy spoon. If you go for breakfast, you can spin a big wheel and if you’re lucky you can win your breakfast for free. We sat in the game room on a sofa and watched the Olympics for a while.
More Portland tales to come. Stay tuned.

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