I Love Shabu

by Sarah on February 1, 2010

As you know, or not know, is that I’m not at work for a while because of this surgery thing.  This leaves me free for lots of lunching.  One of these lunches was last week.  My date and I decided to check out our new shabu-shabu joint.  There she is there, reflected in our shoyu broth.  
If you haven’t ever had shabu-shabu before, it’s pretty much like fondue.  They bring out a hot broth of your choice, plus meat, vegetables, noodles–whatever you order–and it comes with rice and a dish of green tea ice cream.  You cook the meat and stuff in the broth to the doneness of your liking and eat up.  You also get a couple of sauces to dip your stuff in.

Below is the shoyu broth we ordered, plus a ponzu dipping sauce (the dark one) and a miso dipping sauce (the lighter one).  On the side are dishes of grated daikon (radish), green onion and garlic.  Those were for seasoning the dipping sauces.  The guy said that typically you put the daikon and onion in the ponzu and the garlic into the miso.
We split a regular size for lunch so we got a spinach salad on the side.  It’s quite beautiful and it was also tasty. 
This is the dish of vegetables and noodles we got to cook.  There was Napa cabbage, spinach, carrot, shitake mushrooms, enoki mushrooms, tofu and noodles.
And Wagyu beef!  Wagyu is Kobe-style beef, only produced in the U.S.  Notice the marbling.  
Fat = Flavor!
It was sliced paper-thin, so it cooked in seconds flat and the fat just melted.
Everyone in the pool!
Some of the finished product.  I swished the meat in the hot broth for about 10 seconds.  The long stringy things are the enoki mushrooms.  I love those things!  
I really loved the miso dipping sauce with the garlic.  Sweet and savory.
Our green tea ice cream.  It had a good strong herby tea flavor. 

The regular sized shabu-shabu was only $15.  It was a ridiculous amount of food.  They were really cool about us splitting it too, even bringing out extra rice for me.

Also on the menu were curries, some sushi, salads and noodle dishes.

I hope all you guys in town get over there and eat soon.  The food was good, affordable, healthy and the people were really nice.  
1730 16th Street
 Sacramento, CA 
(916) 444-6688

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