Know Your Goat

by Sarah on January 26, 2010

Monday night.  Mulvaney’s Monday night family meal.  Goat.  Baaaaaaa.
Yes, you heard me, I said goat.
Aside from a few Mexican restaurants, and occasionally the Grange, there’s not a lot of goats out there on menus.  But here it is.  Grown by the Bledsoes of Bledsoe Pork fame.
These funny looking little morsels are high-end junk food.  On the left, a “cheez doodle” and on the right is a chicharron.  Tasty, salty nuggets.  I later learned the chicharronnes were made from pig’s ear.  Intriguing.  I’ve always wanted to fool around with cooking a pig’s ear.
Twice-baked wee potato with some bacon and cheese.  Ok.
Sorry about the fuzz.  Crostini with some variety of “hummus”….I can’t remember what was in it.  Whatever it was, it was one of my favorite appetizers of the evening.
At table:  Chopped salad with B & L cured Spanish chorizo.  The chorizo was fantastic.
Darling Dave’s goat cheese angolotti.  My favorite thing of the evening.  Served with a butter sauce with savory, mint and thyme.
I only got about 5 of them.  I could have eaten 50.
Goat roasted in a China box.  Broccoli rabe, potatoes and a salsa verde.  Good flavor, but I’ve got to be honest, the goat was unfortunately a bit chewy.
It’s hard to cook a whole animal and get each part of the animal to come out cooked correctly.
Dulce de Leche ice cream.
Pignole pie.  Good citrusy notes.  Not overly sweet.
Two great tastes!  Didn’t really complement each other though.  But I’d eat each one separately any time.  Delicious.
And a big happy birthday shout out to the fabulous Dave!

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