Cookbook Mania! Craig Claiborne’s Southern Cooking–Pimiento Cheese

by Sarah on January 30, 2010

Another installment in the segment known as Cookbook Mania……I know I said I’d try to do this more often, but whatever, it didn’t happen.  And this is also the second book I’ve featured by Craig Claiborne.  It’s because I love him.  Just wait till we get to the NY Times Cookbook.  I may just cook every darn recipe, just because it’s that good.
Today, we’re going to make the Southern staple, pimento cheese.  I love pimento cheese.  I usually just buy it at Corti Bros, but now that I’ve made this manna from heaven, I will just make it from now on.  This chunkier version with sharp cheddar, mayo, Worcestershire, Tabasco, green onion, garlic and lemon is far superior to the smooth, Velveeta tasting stuff that’s sold at the market.
Craig recommends pushing the cheese through a meat grinder if you have one.  Well, I have one, but since I’ve got the old arm issue, I opted to have a boy grate the cheese for me (Thanks, Zak).  Add in the pimientos and green onions.  The book calls for a 7-oz. can but they only sell them here in those little jars that are 4-oz.  I just used two of them.  And I just poured it all in, with the juice.

Mix together the garlic, lemon juice and mayo.  Homemade is best, but Best Foods/Hellmann’s is second best.
Into the bowl.
Next up are the Worchestershire and Tabasco.  I used garlic Tabasco, cuz that’s what I had.
Of course, add in some black pepper.  I added a touch of cayenne, too.
Mix it up, taste for seasoning, and that’s it.  No salt is usually needed because the Worcestershire is plenty salty.  There’s anchovy in it, you know.
Serve it with crackers.
Or as a grilled cheese sandwich.
Or just in a dish with crackers, crostini and crudite.
Or, for a quick snack, in a stalk of celery!
It keeps for a while too, so you can whip up a batch and nibble away for a few days.
*click photo of recipe to enlarge*

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