by Sarah on December 10, 2009


Everyone thought I was crazy when I professed my love for the cocky, bad-boy, baby brother Michael Voltaggio on this season’s Top Chef.  But I was unrelenting in my loyalty—-he was more daring, more creative and definitely put out some damn exciting food.  I even got it some argueme……uh….heated discussions with the old man over him.  Can food be exciting?  Hell yes, it can…and should be.

Past seasons of this show have highlighted some talented chefs, but no other season has made me so excited to watch the finale….and positively giddy at the outcome.  I am positively jazzed.  I must be so happy I’m slightly delirious, because I just wrote “jazzed”.  I actually am tempted to take a trip to Pasadena, for chrissake, to eat at The Dining Room at the Langham, where Michael is the chef.

Here’s my order:

Buttered Popcorn, Piquillo Confetti, Cilantro
—oh crap, or maybe…..

Halibut Cheeks
Scrambled Cauliflower, Lemongrass-Scallion Froth
Jameson Farm Lamb
Vadouvan, Pickled Tongue, Celery, Raisin, Peanut Butter
—or perhaps……
Japanese Kuroge Beef
Marrow Toast, Matsutake, Bordelaise Sauce
Fools Gold
Chocolate, Salty Hazelnut Praline, Milk Sorbet
—and I’d make G order this so I could try it…….
Baba Au Rhum
Textures of Coconut and Pineapple
EXCITING, right?  There is nothing in Sacramento that even hopes to challenge the minds and palates like this.  PICKLED TONGUE, CELERY, RAISIN AND PEANUT BUTTER?  It’s  the flavors of ANTS ON A LOG with lamb.  I love it.  I ab-so-lute-ly-fucking-love-it.
Oh, wait…..there’s a tasting menu option too.  Only $125 per person, for 7 courses.  Add on $70 for wine pairings.  Jeez.  I gotta get to Pasadena.
Who’s up for a road trip?

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