It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Liberace’s House at Xmas

by Sarah on December 19, 2009

Finally I got into the holiday spirit and put some decorations on my fake pink tree.  I was too lazy to move around the furniture, so the fake tabletop tree is just going to have to suffice this year.  But it’s festive, it really is.  Unfortunately it smells of plastic chemicals and not pine forest, but whatever, I’ll light a candle or something.

This is my favorite ornament.  It’s a Santa made of bulbs, cotton and pipe cleaners.  It was formerly my grandparents’.  I think he’s kind of cute.  Weird yes, but cute.

My other favorite tree decoration is this strand of fake candy.  Also formerly my grandparents’.  It looks totally fake but so pleasing in a Candyland kind of way.  I remember finding one of my kiddos sucking on it one year–he just couldn’t resist the lure of the fake-sugar coated candy.

On another note, I bought a couple of new Xmas albums this year.  The first is this—“Christmas Shopping” by Buck Owens and the Buckaroos.  I got it last month when we were at the Crystal Palace in Bakersfield.  It’s a lot of fun.  Standout tracks are “One of Everything You’ve Got” and “All I Want for Christmas is my Daddy”.
Today, Zane and I had a shopping outing and stopped by Records in the old Tower Video building on Broadway.  Of course I couldn’t get out of there without a handful of stuff, but most importantly, another Xmas record.  Love, love love the subtitle:
~15 Tracks of Faith, Hope and Seasonal Misery~
Mojo always puts together some interesting compilations, and since I’m too cheap to actually subscribe to the magazine (in which these are free), I feel lucky to get a hand-me-down or come across one in a used record store.  Notable tracks:   The Flaming Lips “A Change at Christmas (Say it Isn’t So); Marvin Gaye’s “Purple Snowflakes”; The Handsome Family’s “So Much Wine”; and James Brown’s “Let’s Make Christmas Mean Something This Year Pts 1&2″.  All that for $2.95!

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