Happy New Year, Everybody!

by Sarah on December 31, 2009

1st memorable NYE–1980?:  My friends mom bought us a bottle of cheap pink champagne (remember Andre?) and we drank it all and puked behind a big houseplant.  No idea what happened to the puke.
1999:   Hung out with Z and Z at home.  We drank champagne and lit fireworks hoarded from July 4th.  They were 8 and 10.  Don’t worry, I drank most of the wine.  They just lit the fireworks.
2003:  Stood in a long ass line waiting to get a drink before the clock struck 12.  When it did, some random woman came and cut me off and smooched my brand-new husband of 2 months right in front of me and left lipstick all down his neck.
Just a few tidbits to get you ready for amateur night on the town.
Have fun and be safe!

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