by Sarah on December 11, 2009

I’m not a huge fan.  I’d rather eat lunch, to tell you the truth.  But when a decent breakfast is in order, such as when you have your holiday breakfast meeting, you are thankful that Evan’s Kitchen is handy.  I am a fan because though I am not much of a breakfast lover, I can live with a decently made Eggs Benedict.  I can also be satiated with something covered in country gravy.  Both items are things that Evan’s Kitchen does well.
First, I’d like to apologize for the photo.  It is from a work colleague’s phone and is not quite representative  of the deliciousness that was this Benedict.

Here’s one from Yelp that looks better:
The Yelpers seem to like Evan’s but I’ve also noticed some harsh reviews from people I tend to trust.  Speaking for myself though, I’ve never had a bad experience with service or with the quality of the food.  The hollandaise is thinner than I make at home, but I like that it’s light, lemony and not overly gloppy.
Good gravy, look at this biscuit and gravy!
I took Zane to Evan’s for his birthday breakfast and he still fondly remembers his chicken fried steak and gravy breakfast.  When I reminded him of it, he made Homer Simpson noises.  This boy can EAT and I had to roll him out of the restaurant in partial food coma.
The breakfast menu runs the gamut, from enormous breakfast burritos…
to a Monte Cristo sandwich…
to plain old breakfast….if that’s what you’re into.
This guy also produces a good dinner, with inventive takes on staples, so I’ll have to get over there one of these days and check that out.
There was a recent review in the Bee, if you want to read about dinner.
I have to agree with Blair Anthony Robertson on the decor.  Do not come for the ambiance.  It’s country-frightful and not a little bit divey.  But who cares, it’s the food you’re after.

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