Home Sweet Home

by Sarah on November 21, 2009

Hey, I’m back!  Did I mention that I was going on a cruise?  It was my first time and I’m going to be completely honest with you.  Because I’m always completely honest with YOU, readers.  I didn’t really like it that much.  The best parts were when we docked and got off the boat.  Our first stop was Catalina Island.  I didn’t know the little town actually had a name.  I thought it was just called Catalina.  It’s really called Avalon.  Either way, it’s an adorable little beach town.  We had to take these little boats over from the ship because the pier is way too small for such a giant ship.

Catalina Island trivia:
1.  The Wrigley family once owned the island.
2.  The Chicago Cubs used to play there in the summer (Duh, Wrigley)
3.  Lots of movies were filmed there–I hung out with Bogie while we were there.
4.  You can bike the whole town in about an hour.  We rented bikes.  It was fun.
Let’s talk about the ship.  If you order a bucket of beers, they come with cups attached.  I have  never seen these, they sure were weird to drink out of.  Definitely the best beer deal by far.  $18 for four beers and that’s a good deal!
Cruise ship food.  It’s technically pretty.  It looks like my culinary school books.  It just didn’t taste very good and the food was never very hot.  Below is a shot of lobster night.  One of our table mates ate FOUR of these plates.
The best thing on the boat, by far.  Gran Marnier souffle with Creme Anglaise.
Very pretty crab cake.
Smoked salmon log?
Baked Alaska”–there was no meringue anywhere near this thing.
Ensenada.  We had a great time!  I wanted to wait for these chickens to be done and eat one.
I just liked this sign.
Taco stand #1.  $1 each.
Carne asada with all the fixin’s.
Pescado.  Obviously fried, but pretty darn tasty.
Taco stand #2.  You know how I love my al pastor.  Well, let me tell you just how delicious, scrumptious and delectable this al pastor was.  See all the brown parts?  Crunchy, crispy and super-savory.  Inside, perfectly tender and spiced just right.  A hint of sweetness from the pineapple and onion that it’s grilled with.
“Con todo?”  Si!
Chopped onion, cilantro plus a bunch of bowls of goodies to pile on.  I enjoyed some marinated onions and avocado creme.
Then we went shopping.  And then we went back for more al pastor.  I forgot to tell you that they were only 50 cents each.
The next day we were at sea, and it was a very rocky sea.  No photos, please.
Friday we went to the Getty Center.  I’d never been.  Wowza.
A bronze in process.
Pisarro.  It looks better in person.
The grounds were gorgeous.  And so was Bakersfield!
You betcha.  We spent last night at the Crystal Palace.
There was a museum of sorts inside.  Lots of sparkly and fancy Nudie suits, but this here lunchbox from Hee Haw was my favorite.
We went to a great spot for breakfast this morning, but it was so packed I didn’t want to take pictures and freak people out.  I had biscuits n’ gravy and they were gooood.
The final adventure:  CAR BREAKS DOWN ON THE 99 IN MODESTO.
Yes, in Modesto, in the middle of nowhere.  We couldn’t break down near any amenities–oh no, it had to be weird industrial-land.  Here was my view.

And also this.  What is up with this?  Cost-U-Less needs to fire it’s advertising agency immediately.  Who is going to by car insurance from a dude that obviously just got his ass kicked for who-knows-what.  Even I could come up with a better campaign than that.
I think the transmission went out.  Ouch.  That’s some really bad timing, car.  We spent the last hours of our vacation sitting in a tow truck.
Can you see what that license plate frame says?

“DON’T CRY”.  Is that supposed to make me feel better somehow?

Anyway, it’s good to be back in my own little house.  Kids and pets have been greeted, souvenirs given out, pictures downloaded.  Now the fun begins.  Who’s got a car I can borrow?

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