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by Sarah on November 7, 2009

Coffee Shops make me nostalgic.  Dunno why, it’s not like I really ever went to them much growing up.  Maybe it’s just because there were so many of them back in the 70’s.  And the term “coffee shop”–is this just a West Coast thing?  Because the Mr. never heard it before, he thinks coffee shops are just diners.  Which to me is a completely different animal.  

For example–Coffee Shop:

And Diner:

The top photo is of a Sambo’s–any of you old enough to remember those?  I admit they weren’t PC, but the one in Auburn, CA, where we lived was one of my favorite places to go.  Besides, what does a 5 year old know about political correctness?   They had a big mural of Sambo chillin’ with the tigers that I loved.  It was sort of like this, but I don’t remember exactly:

There’s an old Sambo’s restaurant here in Sacramento on Folsom Blvd right past 65th.  For a time, it had a phase as one of my favorite lunch spots–it was called Mexico 70.  So named for the 1970 World Cup, held in Mexico City.  They made this chicken soup you could get for about $3, that came with a bowl of condiments like onion, cilantro and lime and a big old basket of freshly made tortillas.  It was the best lunch ever.  Plus it still looked pretty much like Sambo’s inside.  But they closed and now it’s some stupid fancy tequila restaurant.

 Wow, I’ve really gotten off topic here.  Coffee shops.  We still have a fair amount of them left here.  You know, the good ones that haven’t been updated.  A good pair are down off of Mack Road.  Original Perry’s, on the East Side of the 99, and Mr. Perry’s, on the West Side.  Why open 2 coffee shops less than a mile from each other?  I don’t know.  But O Perry’s is a bonafide truck stop, so you know there’s probably some decent eats in there.

I spent my birthday dinner with my BFF and her mama at a truck stop.  Yes, indeedy.  With a welcoming entrance like this, who wouldn’t want to spend their birthday here?
I am fond of the tile work on this bench.  I think it’s charming.
At Original Perry’s and Mr. Perry’s, the first seat at the counter is for Perry.  And it is covered in this All-American pleather.  After my buddy posed for the photo, she graciously let me sit in Perry’s chair since it was my birthday and all.

I nearly opted for the frest fried chicken, but I got a patty melt instead.
The different time zone clocks are a nice touch for the truckers.
Along with the big semi.
These lamps are the epitome of late 60’s-early 70’s dining rooms.  Pizza places, ice cream parlors, coffee shops–they all had ‘em.  I remember wishing I had one in my room.  But nooooo, my dad had to go get some something modern.  (Thanks Dad, I appreciate it now that I’m old)
I just liked the picture of the lonely food, up there on the chrome window.
What coffee shops are good at:  Pancakes.  My BFF reported that these were excellent examples.  And what is it with coffee shop pancakes, anyway?  They just don’t taste the same at home.  What is the magic ingredient?  Crack?  Letting the batter sit around for a while?  Fake butter?  I’m not sure but I can say that I do enjoy them, very much.  Especially at Pancake Circus.

Here’s a pretty awesome review I found on CitySearch–I can’t really say it any better than this.  If you’re up for a truck stop/coffee shop experience, stop in on O’Perry’s.  I’m trying the frest fried chicken with gravy next time for sure.

Original Perry’s (the E side of 99 & mack) was the first & it’s a truck stop.
Mr. Perry (on the w side of 99 & mack) is still the same family.
and Kerrys closed in 1997.
Southsacians are lucky because Perry beats the pants off Sherris (sorry greenhaveners) and any diner you can find. It’s prices are set well, it’s country gravy is the best anywhere and it’s steaks are not dog food, even though the price might suggest other wise.
Yeah sure you can go to the “JindaB” a block away but why the F would you when you can get biscuits and gravy for 4$ at Perrys. Salads are old school iceberg with LOTS of add ons. The b-fasts are legit and served all day. There IS NO MENU ITEM THAT ONLY SELLS FOR PART OF THE DAY except certain senior citizen meals.
Perry’s is old. The founding dude lived a century ago and if your in Kansas somewhere theres a spot like that in every town but how often do you find that in CA!? I know people from as far away as Galt, Loomis, Dixon and Folsom that come here to eat because they know it’s more than worth the few pence they ask for there food. It does get busy but what does that tell you other then it’s good stuff!
Now there’s this big argument that Mr. Perrys is better or Original Perrys is better but in truth they are the same restaurant with slightly different clientele.
At originals you will get a bigger 2am crowed.
At originals the early morning oldfolks come out more and the highschoolers tend to go there after prom and because they want to sit in the Valley High room (which is the name of the high school they attend)
Some say the gravy is better at the O and some say they love the “clean plate club” where they give kids a lolipop for cleaning there plate due to child hood instilled cognitive dissonance.
Which ever you prefer, S.Sac remains KING of the late night dining because we have not one, but TWO awesome restaurants within a half mile of each other. BEAT THAT ELK GROVE!!! you f’in Galt rejects!
  • Pros: Best late night sit down in CA
  • Cons: Only 2 locations and both in South sac

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