Things That Made Me Giggle (In Vegas)

by Sarah on October 20, 2009

This was a machine in Frankie’s Tiki Bar that tested your vices for a mere $0.50.  My vice was drugs.  I guess it really works.

Loose slots!

The King is alive and well.

Liberace, who else?

I need to say this more often.

The lady at the gift shop told me that this costume was originally a Halloween outfit but that people loved it so much he incorporated it into his regular routine.  Liberace in hot pants!

This way to nothing!

Should I pay less or save more? 

What is it with Vegas and magic?  I don’t get it.  And you’d have thought that old Dirk Arthur would’ve learned his lesson from poor Siegfried and Roy with the tigers and all.

What the hell is crapless craps?  Really?

When did Donny and Marie get as big as a building?  Is it the 70’s again?  Does Donny still wear purple socks?  Is she still a little bit country?  And is he still a little bit rock and roll? 

Abandoned knights.

The Harrah’s king is a rip off of Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood’s King Friday!

Who doesn’t love a mirrored ceiling?

Las Vegas is a riot!

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