The Bestest Burger in Sacramento

by Sarah on October 2, 2009

From the Nationwide Freezer Meats website:

In 1969 Frank Gonzales started selling sides of beef to home-freezer enthusiasts. A few years later he started serving choice-steak ground burgers that were so delicious and superior to any other local burger, it demanded his full-time attention. Nationwide’s Steak Frenchburger with cheese, plus potato quartered fries and an honest fresh-fruit milkshake will square you away.

I remember Frank. Frank would always come outside and talk about my car (1963 Buick Skylark convertible) with me before serving me up some burgers. I have been taking my little whippersnappers to Nationwide for damn near 16 years now and every time those burgers knock my socks off. Frank also used to take my kids into the little walk-in they had when they were still located on 24th St and try to freak them out with the giant hindquarters of beef he had hanging up there. They weren’t phased. They wanted a cheeseburger!

They painted a mural of the old place inside of the new place. I love it. It makes me nostalgic.

Ye olde sign.

Le Menu: Do not be alarmed at the burger prices. This is not your everyday burger. This is special. THEY ARE WORTH EVERY PENNY AND PROBABLY MORE. Besides, they are having daily specials now, so consult the website for 25% off day.

Your order is written on the side of a paper bag, in which your order is placed then brought out to you. You also get a Dixie cup of ketchup.

Behold. Burger majesty. Mine is in the foreground, the “baby” burger. It’s not small. It’s perfect for a dainty lady such as myself. It also won’t put you in a food coma. Behind that is the French Steak Burger. The Holy Grail of Burgers. It is large.

I’ll let you in on my secret. Nationwide has onion rings. But they’re not on the menu. They are EXCELLENT. I like the sauce that comes with the o-rings at Ford’s, but these rings are superior.

Look at the succulence. Resistance is futile.

Give up. Get thee to Nationwide Freezer Meats and have the best burger in town.

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