Random Goodness

by Sarah on October 6, 2009

One yummy bottle of wine at Mulvaney’s B&L.

One veggie panini (See, not everything I eat contains pork!) with a fantastic little sweet and sour cabbage and carrot slaw. Next time I just want a bowl of that slaw.

One turkey panini. Served with a nice green salad and that little dish of orange is a carrot puree. I’m not really sure what it was for, maybe dipping your sandwich? These sandwiches brought to you by Magpie Cafe.

Session Beers over at the Monkey Bar for $2 (3-7pm, 7 days a week!). That’s a good bargain, it’s even worth going to the Monkey Bar. I like this beer. Maybe because it’s refreshing? And maybe because they remind me of drinking Lucky Lagers at the drive-in.

This is one delicious and healthy quinoa salad my friend Ally made for a party we went to. Ally, how about handing over this recipe? I’ve never made quinoa.

If the quinoa was the healthy angel of that party, then the devil was this sinful tempura bacon with a spicy aioli, made by the awesome hostess, Melanie.

A whole pie, over at Luigi’s Slice. I may be in the minority, but I prefer the ambience over at the original Luigi’s on Stockton. Flava! The pizza was good though.

The appetizer assortment at JJ Chicken & Fish over on Fruitridge and Franklin.

The fish was overcooked and everything we got was coated in cornmeal. Not the best ever, but maybe I’ll try it again someday for that gumbo.

Tuna sammie on toast at Jim-Denny’s.

Homemade potato salad. I love bound salads, especially potato and macaroni. It must be a childhood thing. I’m just a total sucker for ‘em.

The Original 5-Cent Burger. Even better when eaten sitting at the tiny counter. Get it with the grilled onions. It costs $5.50 now, though, not 5 cents. (Still worth it)

Here’s just a little random human goodness. Ain’t she sweet?

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