Mulvaney’s Fowl Ball!

by Sarah on October 27, 2009

Another successful dinner next door at Mulvaney’s B&L.  These things must be getting super-popular, because they scheduled another one for Tuesday night.  Hmm.  It’s tempting to go back, but I have school.  I don’t know how they’re going to do it with the restaurant open, but I’m sure they’ll figure it out.

This dinner revolved around all things birdy.  FOWL ball, get it…baseball, birds.  Check.  Actually, I think this dinner maybe was my favorite since the pigs. 

They had a couple of passed appetizers, one was this little slider.  I don’t think it was bird, but maybe it was.  I thought it tasted more lamby than birdy.  It was juicy and delicious, whatever the heck it was. It had hatch chile on it.  I guess they haven’t used up that 1000 pounds yet. 

I know this looks curiously like the pig’s balls that I had a few months back, but they are not.  They are “duck doughnuts”.  There were two versions, one with a raspberry something and one with wasabi something.  I don’t think I got a wasabi one unless it was very mild.
Course #1.
Whole Sonoma Foie Gras Torchon.  Accompanied by some persimmon puree and some fig jam, I believe. 
Each table got a whole foie gras.  That is pretty decadent.  We didn’t get all-you-can-eat on the foie.
Sorry about this crappy picture. 
Course #2
Maple Leaf Duck Confit Salad with Persimmon, Stilton, walnuts and cracklins.
The duck confit was delicious, I wanted to eat it all myself.  It was hard to share.
Course #3
Cache Creek Chicken, grilled over almond wood.  Served with duck fat fries and broccoli rabe.
The chicken was so juicy and delicious!  The fries were awesome too, especially when dipped in the gravy (next picture)–there just weren’t enough.  The broccoli rabe was the perfect amount of bitter to go with the rich chicken and fries.
Branigan Turkey Dumplings with gravy.  Yum YUM.  My only complaint is there wasn’t enough of the dumplings.  And that my picture sucks.  It was getting kind of dark by then and I hate flash.  Sorry.
Course #4
“An American Dessert”–Apple Pie and Cracker Jack ice cream.
Yummy gallette here.  These are a great fall dessert–maybe I’ll make one soon.
Yes, you heard me about the Cracker Jack ice cream.  It was dyno-MITE, as JJ Walker would say.  Salty and sweet, one of my favorite flavor combos.  I highly recommend you try to get to Tuesday’s dinner if just to have this ice cream.

The Subway bathroom.  Love this.  Thanks Matt for the picture!

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