Ghosts of Halloween’s Past

by Sarah on October 31, 2009

This year for Halloween I’ve got the flu (non-swine related)—so my costume is crazy-looking sick lady with bed hair.  Hopefully this doesn’t scare off the wee ghouls, witches and goblins when they come to the door looking for treats.

Zane as Conehead, age 2
Zak the Clown, age 3
Death and Spiderman, ages 6 and 4
Zane the pre-Harry Potter Wizard, age 8
Zak, the Terrifying Ghoul, age 5
Zane the Hobo, sorting candy, age 9
“Beware of Chickens”, 2004
Flava Flav and friends, 2004
The dog clearly loves her costume.
Happy Halloween!

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