Cover Shoot!

by Sarah on October 3, 2009

This is nothing new here, just me singing the praises of Lalo’s once again. Did you know that they are now open until 8 pm? You can go for dinner! They are also opening another location on Franklin and Fruitridge somewhere…..but my fingers and toes are crossed that they keep the 24th Street joint open. I really, really like knowing that Lalo’s is only a hop, skip and jump away.

So, Midtown Monthly is doing a story about Paul’s Epicurean Group, or Lalos, or something—all I know is that I got to go pose for a cover photo–and then eat brunch. Mainly I was there to eat brunch.

Lalo’s has opened up an auxiliary dining room for when the restaurant’s too full. This clock was in there. I really like it. I was extremely tempted to ask if they’d sell it to me but my senses got the better of me and I didn’t.

Lamb bits, making the consomme. The best soup–and you can buy it by the jug to take home. It’s great stock.


Charros. G’s favorite.

I know you’ve seen the al pastor tacos before.

Carne Asada and quesadilla.

My squash blossom quesadilla. By the way, Huitlacoche is in right now!

Lamb barbacoa, purchased by the pound.

Molcajete. A giant steaming container of goodness. Cactus, chorizo, queso, pork, chicken, etc…

Another angle to emphasize it’s enormity.

Have you seen this soda? It’s apple.

Sidral Mundet.

The buffet of goodness.

If you haven’t been yet….is this post the one that gets you to finally go?

Lalo’s Restaurant
5063 24th St
Sacramento, CA 95822-2201
(916) 736-2389

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