Poor Tomato!

by Sarah on September 17, 2009

My cousin emailed me a picture of a strange thing that was happening to her tomatoes. There were strange cracks, almost in circles around the tomato. They actually looked kind of cool. Cool, that is till I found them on MY TOMATOES.

What the heck?

I looked around the interwebs and according to Judy Sedbrook, a Colorado Master Gardener, “growth cracks occur as a result of the rapid growth stimulated by wet weather following a dry period. Two types of growth cracks affect the stem end of tomatoes: concentric and radial. Concentric cracking produces circular cracks around the stem end of the fruit. Radial cracks spread outward from the stem scar.”

Now I feel really guilty about not watering my garden for that couple of days when it was hot. Sorry tomatoes.

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