It’s All Greek to Me.

by Sarah on September 9, 2009

Last weekend, I decided that I needed a bread from cupcakes, so I swung on by the Sacramento Greek Festival with my BFF.

We were all starving, so we headed to the food line first. It was set up like a cafeteria and there were a ton of choices.

On this plate is the Friday night special, Shrimp Santorini, which tasted like shrimp with marinara. Sounds boring, but in actuality it was the best thing I ate. Somehow the shrimp was not overcooked, but succulent. There was also rice dolmathes and a tyropitta. These were fine, but could’ve used another element to the filling to give it more pizzazz. I ordered a spanikopita, but I got tyropitta. Too much cheese.

Next up, Greek sausage called Loukaniko–a bit chewy with a hint of orange zest, lamb, rice, vegetables and another tyropitta. I wasn’t a fan of the lamb. Strong flavor and overcooked. The sausage was the best thing about this plate.

My little buddy eating her favorite food, spaghetti with mizithra cheese. The very same that’s at the Spaghetti Factory. Did you know the Spaghetti Factory was started by a Greek family? I didn’t.

After dinner, we took a stroll to the desserts and coffee. I watched them making Greek coffee, it looked great. Somehow it was cooked over hot sand? I gotta try it next time.

Pastry case full of assumed deliciousness. They all looked great.

Loukoumathes! Greek doughnut hole thingys—fun to watch being made by hunky Greek boys and the doughnut robot. First the robot poops the dough into the boiling oil.

Then the hunky Greeks keep watch over them till they’re a lovely golden brown.

Finally, they are glazed with honey, but I forgot to take a picture of it. I pilfered this from the world wide web:

I liked the little food shop, though I didn’t see much that I can’t buy around town. These things were new to me:

Here’s my pal, sticking her head in the oven, hamming it up.

There were many paintings for sale. My eye was immediately drawn to this.

Who doesn’t need a giant fairy painting hanging above the mantle?

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