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by Sarah on September 11, 2009

My old lady wrists hurt to type much, but I did manage to upload all these neato photographs that I snapped last weekend at the State Fair. Humor me.

Requisite b & w photo booth:

Jams, jellies and whatnot

“Jalapena” Peppered jelly

ROOT BEER jelly. I need to find a recipe for this one.

Expo Center. I love these concrete rectangles. I sincerely hope that these don’t get knocked over in favor of a basketball arena.

Motorized bicycle. I could see this being handy in San Francisco. I’m in no shape to bike those hills.

This was a photoshop/graphic arts thing. I’m enjoying this very much.

I apologize that this photo is not very clear, but there was a glare right in the middle of it. I couldn’t resist it. It’s a pointillist painting of Pancake Circus. That’s a peck of “P”‘s right there. I’ve got a soft spot for the old Pancake Circus.

1950 paintings from the State Fair’s permanent collection. Who knew the Fair had a permanent collection?

Robot guy

Sacramento Gothic:

The theme of the Fair this year was “Wild, Weird and Wacky”…or something to that effect. This Expo room was full of wacky collections and toys.
Remember those toys with the push-button on the bottom that would make the animal/person collapse? Here’s the collection:

Of course there’s a collection of Pez dispensers.

Rubber duckies.

My next tattoo. I’m thinking maybe a tramp stamp.

Our state mascot, all dolled up.

The next Expo room we went in was all about candy. This was just a corner of an old ad.

Cool old candy machine. I love the color.

Fur and Feathers! The babies are so adorable.

Um, hello? Would you mind helping me out here?

The fried food Mecca:

Yes, the “zucchini weeni” really did exist. I did not eat one, though I meant to. They ARE totally fried, after all.

The $3.50 JUMBO corn dog. The steal of the fair.

Time to relax with the footsie wootsie! I thought it tickled.

This child had to be BRIBED to eat a corn dog, can you believe that?

Next was a ride on the old monorail. I hadn’t ridden it in like 20 years or something. Of course the Simpsons song got stuck in my head.
Monorail! Monorail! Mono…D’oh!

Views of the fairway from the monorail. This was probably great at night, but I was toooo tired to go back.

Next up were those weird rooms were the people try to sell you weird shit.
Like right wing nutjobs, for instance. The guys selling these were busting my balls because I took pictures of their stickers.

Christine and the Giant Spine. It almost sounds like a children’s book title.

SHAM-WOW! But of course. His brother Snuggie and sister PedEgg didn’t make it though.

This giant blue coffin is a massage device. You put your person inside. Get covered up by heavyweight Hefty Bags, then water gushes out like you are in a human car wash. Not recommended for the claustrophobic. All this for the low, low price of $15 for 10 minutes.

There were NEVERLAND RANCH rides in the kiddie section. BAD, indeed.

My horse-racing cherry has finally been broken. Sadly, there were no big hats or mint juleps involved.

Bets were placed. On what I don’t remember. It was confusing.



The winner! Which I picked….but whatever I picked apparently had to be a winner in conjunction with some other horses I picked doing something else. I don’t know.

Like I’m surprised anyhow. I never win anything. I may drop dead of shock if I ever win a raffle in my lifetime.

Big Fun at the California State Fair!

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