by Sarah on September 4, 2009

I’m taking a class called “Beverage Operations” this semester with a friend. It probably should be called “Wine….and some other stuff”, as our fabulous Chef Ray is mainly about the wine. He IS French, after all.
We suffered through a lecture on water and coffee Tuesday night, (necessary evils, I know) and then decided to do some studying on our own.
We headed for midtown and Mulvaney’s B & L.


I know, we were there to taste some wine and do some food pairing, but I stupidly did not take a photo of my wine, which was a delightful Cotes du Rhone on their nightly special list. Only $7.50. Good deal.

We got a quick little huckleberry agua fresca shot to start–

Oh, Pasta Dave and your gnocchi…you pasta seducer, you.
Not that great of a photo, but you get the idea. Baby squash, gnocchi and cherry tomatoes, the perfect summer dish. Truman Capote would’ve loved it. He once said, “The real difference between rich and regular people, is that the rich serve such marvelous vegetables. Little fresh born things, scarcely out of the earth. Little baby corn, little baby peas.” I just love Truman Capote. And my baby vegetable pasta.

Next was the money shot. Foie Gras BLT. Suck on that, PETA.

Yes, I gained 5 pounds eating that nugget of goodness. I needed it to pair with my Cotes du Rhone. I sacrifice for my education, and for you, the readers.
And since we got that far, we decided to bite the bullet and have dessert. My friend had the peach empanada, normally paired with plain old vanilla–she opted for the peach sorbet. It was peachy. Ha ha, very punny.

I still had a glass of wine to contend with, yes, my second glass—so I got the cheese plate. House made ricotta, a hard white cheddar, a stinky soft cheese and Shaft Blue. A lot of cheese for one person. I wish I could’ve ordered half of that plate (and paid half, too). It really needed something sweet and gooey with it–honey or fig jam or something. It was good though, and good with my wine.

So, that’s it! Another perfect evening at Mulvaney’s, and a good night of studying.

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