Fun in SJ

by Sarah on September 27, 2009

I’ve neglected you, blog, but wait–before you write me off, please understand that I was out of town and I don’t own a laptop! Please forgive me. I’ll pay. I’ll do anything. Here’s just a smidgen of what trouble I’ve been getting into.

Ladies and Gentlemen, may I have the distinct pleasure of introducing you to the world famous Henry’s Hi-Life.

The building is from the 1900’s and Henry’s has been serving up barbecue, steaks and cocktails since 1960.

It’s pretty dark and cozy inside, so I’ll apologize now for the shoddy photographs.
This guy is tending meat and putting together plates right in the main dining room.

A wood-fire oven near our table.

A sampling of ribs, mushrooms, baked potato. Meat ‘n potatoes served here. No baby vegetables anywhere to be found.

I really loved the building.


Yet totally charming.

No trip to San Jose is complete for me without a falafel.

The standard.

A sampling of the many menu items.

Drippy, messy goodness. Get plenty of napkins.

We tried the gyros this time. Good, flavorful meat in chunks instead of the more common slices.

Hummus. Kind of bland. I’ll try the baba ganoush next time instead.

Downtown Saturday night. Couldn’t resist the wig shop. Creepy, aren’t they?

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