Bucket List

by Sarah on September 23, 2009

There have been a lot of “bucket lists” or other “life lists” going around the Internet and facebook right now. Of course I’ve got a long list of my own that I’d like to accomplish, one of which is traveling—I certainly haven’t done enough of that yet in my life.

As I was thinking about it though, a lot of my list seems to focus on food or wine–growing, making, drinking, learning, eating…..So I though I’d come up with my own chow-related bucket list.


50 Things to Grow, Make, Cook or Eat Before I Die

In no particular order

1. Eat dinner alone at The French Laundry (my 40th birthday wish, oh well–maybe 50)
2. Get paid for fooling around with food
3. Raise my own animal(s) for food
4. Make a Baked Alaska
5. Learn to appreciate more/all offal
6. Take an barbecue road trip in the American South
7. Attend one or more food festivals in Italy
8. Go hunting and fishing
9. Forage for mushrooms or other food
10. Eat street food in Hong Kong
11. Grow grapes and make backyard wine
12. Win a ribbon in a fair food contest
13. Make chorizo
14. Visit a foie gras producer
15. Forage for clams
16. Eat sushi in Japan
17. Meet Jacques Pepin
18. Learn to like raw tomatoes (I’m working on this)
19. Go to Shopsin’s General Store in NYC with Calvin Trillin
20. Have a Horseshoe breakfast sandwich in Springfield, Illinois
22. Eat a proper lobster roll in a top-split bun in New England
23. Go back to Le Veau d’Or with Guido
24. Eat at Jean-Georges
25. Become proficient in canning and preserving
26. Finally write my cookbook
27. Learn to cure meats and fish
28. Bake my own bread
29. Have dinner, a Guinness and a whiskey in a pub in Ireland
30. Grow most of the food we eat
31. Make yogurt
32. Pick fruit in Sacramento alleys
33. Teach my boys to cook
34. Eat at WD-50
35. Go to Spain, eat everything in sight. Eat at El Bulli.
36. Go to Blue Hill at Stone Farms
37. Help make food carts a reality in Sacramento
38. Eat at a midnight buffet
39. Visit the Champagne region of France. Drink champagne.
40. Learn to sous-vide
41. Try uni
42. Figure out the difference between subs, grinders and hoagies
43. Decide which cheesesteak is better: Pat’s King of Steaks, Rick’s or Geno’s?
44. Eat a burger at Louis’ Lunch
45. Have a bee hive in the backyard
46. Raise hens for eggs
47. Eat a soft-shell crab sandwich in Baltimore
48. Make and eat a pig-ear sandwich
49. Use the squash blossoms in my garden
50. Have dinner with Jeffrey Steingarten

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