Richmond Fontaine/John Doe and The Sadies—Reno, NV

by Sarah on August 11, 2009

So the reason for Reno was to go to this show on Saturday at the Bartley Ranch – Hawkins Amphitheater. So fun! The amphitheater was awesome–tiny with big roomy chairs, flowers and native grasses planted in the rows, with a small grassy area up top. They had food outside and a waiter that brought cold Sierra Nevada beers to you.

The event poster, of which I purchased for $20. It’s signed by the artist.

Richmond Fontaine, from Portland. If you haven’t heard this band, go immediately to the internets and look them up on myspace, there’s a link in my Reno post.

And John Doe, of whom I have a ridiculous schoolgirl crush, and the Sadies…their new record “Country Club” is some good listenin’.

The show was awesome! The sound was good, and they did a mixture of covers, Sadies songs, and even an X song and a Knitters song (The New World and Wrecking Ball, if you care).

I just think he is so handsome. And his voice was fantastic. I’ve loved this dude since I was a teenager–that was a while ago. He used to look like this (on the right)—

And still very handsome, if I do say so myself. Thankfully, my fabulous husband tolerates my love for other men. Obviously unattainable other men, but still.

Afterwards, we went to a local Irish joint called Corrigan’s…deliciously divey.

Here’s Jennifer, gettin’ friendly with the Sadies.

And me, and my new buddy John. It’s obvious that we’re kindred spirits.
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