Hot Salty Balls

by Sarah on August 13, 2009

Babe, you might want to look away.

Well, hello lover.

This is a pig ball.

And yes, I ate it. In fact, I ate two. They were crunchy on the outside and juicy on the inside. I had no end to nut jokes last night.

Again, with the kissing of the pigs! All the better to creep out the vegetarians. (just kidding vegetarians–but you may want to look away)

And speaking of, we had some table mates that arrived late, just as the pig was served. The dude looks at me with horror and I gleefully crunch into my crispy pig skin and says, “is that SKIN”? I say yes, and “are you a vegetarian or something”? He says “mostly”. I tell him there was some good pasta he missed, and he says “oh, we already ate”. Okay—1) why are you at a pig roast? and 2) why are you at a pig roast? and 3) why are you at my table?

There’s Dave, taking off the delectable crunchy skin.

Gravlax cured in gin, with brown soda bread. Accompanied by a shot of micro-distilled gin by Leopold Bros–out of Denver, CO.

Chef hacking up the pig

Our next cocktail, a clear bloody Mary with a bacon twist. It tasted like the juice from fresh salsa. Not bad.

Divine pasta.

The next cocktail, a dark rum with lime. Yummy.

The star of the show

Gnawing on pig skin–

Leopold Bros liquor display


The dessert cocktail, a blackberry liquor, spiked with Guinness. Wonderful!

Perfect peaches and cream

Another successful pig roast at Mulvaney’s—they’re obviously getting the hang of this thing.

Can you hear the crackling?

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