Hollywood Park Shutters

by Sarah on August 18, 2009

I have generic shutters that someone put up later in my house’s life. I’m sure they were trying to “update” but they didn’t do me any favors. The are made of plastic and I don’t like them. One. Bit.

My dad has kindly offered to help me build new/old ones, so I’ve been taking pictures of ones I like in the neighborhood. So of course, I’m enlisting you-the readers-help in choosing. Don’t forget, I’m still looking at a new door too, one of these designs below–so the shutters have to go with it (but not necessarily match).

Here we go:

The “Edgar”

The “Angry Lady Who Thought I was Casing her House”

The “Space Needle”

The “Mabel”

The “Anita”

The “Diamond”

I might be leaning Grover/Anita, what do you think? The shutters and door would likely be black, but I’m not sure. I just realized this weekend that my house was once PINK! Tempting….pink with black trim and white accents? Delicious.

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