Garden Update

by Sarah on August 6, 2009

In the spirit of summer condiments, I was planning on making zucchini pickles, but there’s only one zucchini on the plant that’s ready. So that’ll have to wait.
Instead, I bring you exciting and strange happenings in my garden.

Volunteers! I always get volunteer tomatoes but I usually pull them out unless they aren’t in the way. These 2 grew big and started producing before I ever noticed them, so I decided to leave them alone.

I don’t know what this one is yet.

But this one is “Black Cherry”, which I don’t think I grew last summer. It probably just hung out from back in ’07.

I even harvested some tonight!

This is exciting–the first crop of little melon buds. This guy is ambrosia cantaloupe. I have honeydew also.

This is the strange part. Mutant baby corn. It’s only about 2 1/2 or 3 feet tall, but is growing ears that appear to be almost ready. Perhaps it IS that baby corn, like you see in cans?

See, I told you—massive tomato harvest coming my way. This is just one plant.

Gratuitous cuteness.

Asian pears, still available for anyone that wants some!

Also exciting! First Mandarin orange sightings! There are about 20 on the tree–this winter will be our first ever harvest. Yippee!

This concludes your regularly scheduled garden update. Zucchini pickles to come eventually.

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