Biggest Little City, Here I Come

by Sarah on August 7, 2009

I’m wasting prime traffic time, waiting to get on the road. Goin’ to Reno.

I’m hoping to avoid much of Hot August Nights, but I have no idea if that’s even possible. I’m worried about the traffic. I should’ve taken the Amtrak.

Hopefully I won’t run into these guys, I’d probably never get a fair shake, being from California and all. AND my brake light is out. Damn.

Here’s what I’m going for—Richmond Fontaine (from lovely Portland, OR)

Opening for my boyfriend, John Doe, and the Sadies.
I love their new record. Good driving music.

I’m also meeting up with this lovely lady, my favorite dining partner ever.

As well as this gorgeous woman, my favorite friend, drinking buddy, traveling companion and general all around girlfriend in the land. They both live in Portland.

Wish me luck. No traffic and little contact with beer-bellied budweiser-swilling drunkard dorks wearing fanny packs. Have a fun weekend!

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