Another Successful Food Coma

by Sarah on August 25, 2009

I’m sitting here, after a looooong day at work then my first day of school (Wine class with Chef Ray at ARC), to Raley’s, and now waiting on 2 pounds of cooling candied bacon. Yes, more candied bacon. It’s just too good to be true. Can’t you just taste it? I highly recommend you go make it right now.

Oh yes, there was a reason I got on here. Last night. It was Family Dinner #3 at Mulvaney’s and instead of a roast pig, there was 1000 pounds of roasted chiles. Hatch chiles. Mulvaney’s dubbed it the “Joe Willie Chili Dinner”–which has something to do with football. I don’t get it.

These are the contraptions that you roast chiles in. They rotate over a fire.

Last time we were there I thought we were going to play bingo. Don’t they kind of look like those bingo ball turner thingys?

I kind of liked the misspelling. We had 3 tables last night, it was a table-hopping extravaganza.

The cute colander lamps. My table mates wanted a photo. It was during this magical time that we were served 2 passed appetizers, one a corn pancake thing with huitlacoche (remember that post? and another that was a fried padrones chile with sea salt. My chile was hot! Supposedly some were hot and some weren’t so I wasn’t going to risk my taste buds with a second one.

Our first sit-down course was a Southwest Caesar with roasted hatch red chile. It had tortilla strips and a kind of dry sharp cheddar on top. It was pretty good, but to be honest, the dressing was a bit on the bland side.

Next was the dish I was most anticipating, the corn pasta handkerchiefs chilequiles. I LOVE chilequiles. LOVE. Love. It was good, but not as good as Dave’s usual pasta. The texture was a little odd. Dave said it was difficult to make because the corn meal has no gluten. It was visually attractive and the sauce was fantastic.

Here’s Eric, trying the “Assfire” sauce. I did not want an ass fire so I did not eat it. It was very, very hot from what I understand.

I think my favorite of the evening: Green pork chile, Arizona style with black beans and pickled red onions. Heat, flavor, pig, fat, pickley onion, tortilla, very nearly a perfect dish. I do love me some chile verde.

This was another favorite of the night. In fact, it was Mr. Bledsoe’s favorite of the night, and he’s the pig farmer. Grilled skirt steak Adobado with rice and cilantro. Rare, tender and flavorful.

Last was a “Flaming” flan…..but it didn’t flame. It tasted like goat cheese, which is always a good thing in a dessert. There were some nice little shortbread cookies that were dipped in chocolate and sesame seeds. A nice little surprise.

This is Fred’s artsy photograph of my glass of water.

All in all, not my favorite family dinner, (duh, no pig skin) but still very delicious. Kudos Mulvaney’s!

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