Survival of the Fittest…..or Just Another Animal Roast at Mulvaney’s B&L

by Sarah on July 29, 2009

I’m sorry, little lamby, you lost this battle.

MMM. When’s dinner? I’m-a gettin’ hungry!

Hold on gluttonous woman! I’m hacking up this animal as fast as I can!

YES, Monday night was the 2nd Family Dinner over at the wonderful Mulvaney’s B&L in lovely midtown Sacramento. I simply cannot get enough of this place. As you probably already guessed, the guest of honor at Monday’s dinner was a couple of nice little lambs. They were roasted in a “China Box”—which I’d never heard of before this dinner. The wonderful world of the internet turned up this video, if you’d like to know more about the China Box.

Overview of Pig Roast in China Box — powered by

Le Menu:

We began with a panzanella salad. Please, let me tell you my dirty little secret. I don’t like raw tomatoes. I know, I grow them like crazy.

But–shhh!–I don’t really like them. I’m trying to make myself like them. Anyhow, I ate 2 tomatoes in my panzanella salad and I liked them! And it was really pretty.

Next up was “Pasta Dave”‘s ravioli with mascarpone and fresh corn. OMG. OMFGGDMF’er. That S is GDMFing good. Honestly! Again, both tables had at least 3 bowls, just like at the pig dinner. DAVE! Your pasta knocks my socks off.

The. Best. Pasta.

Thank you Dave! Love ya! (This is Dave Brochier, btw)

Next up? The star of the show, the guest of honor, ladies and gentlemen, your friend and mine, BAAAAAAA!

Tender, fall-apart lamb, rice, and perfectly grilled baby squashes and greens. The vegetables were amazing too. You know, I could totally become a vegetarian if my vegetables were all cooked in animal fat.

I was really excited about dessert too—not usually my favorite thing. But one dessert I cannot resist? Homey desserts containing fruit—summer fruit.
Like peach cobbler……

And peach cobbler with homemade vanilla-honey-lavender ice cream? Even better.

This time I paid our bill in The Strawberry Season. Looks very romantic, no? Our friends paid in another book that I had drunkenly written in some other night. Classy.

I wonder how much the corkage is on these?

I love this guy’s shirt.

Another fabulous evening of gluttony. I really need to take up jogging.

Coming up: August 12, Join the B&L and Leopold Brothers as the Rocky Mountains come to the Great Valley for a five course pairing dinner. $50 per guest.

And…“the Joe Willie Chile(Family Meal III for you Jets fans out there) August 24th- Suzanne Ashworth is growing 1,000# pounds of Hatch Chili for us and we intend to use it.” That one is $35 per person.

Mulvaney’s B & L
1215 19th St.
Sacramento, CA, 95811

**The 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th photographs were taken by my true and talented friend, Mr. Randy Bonnell.**

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