New! Japanese Bakery opens in the HP this Weekend!

by Sarah on July 25, 2009

Yet another Asian bakery opens within blocks of my house. Are these people single handedly trying to make me fat or what?

They’ve also restored the little googie building in the Rite Aid parking lot, so that was really cool to see.

I got a bacon roll, a “chocolate hat”, and a fruit roll.

For scientific purposes, I cut off a piece off them all and gave them a taste test. Fruit roll: sweet, soft white bread with a cheesy pastry cream and mandarin oranges. I see this being good for breakfast instead of your basic danish.
Chocolate hat: The soft, sweet bread on the bottom, a layer of the sweet, cheesy pastry cream on top, with a dark chocolate ganache on top of that. My favorite of the bunch. Surprisingly not too sweet.
Bacon roll: Strangely, my least favorite. I am not a fan of flabby bacon. The bacon wasn’t cooked before being enveloped in the sweet, soft bread dough so it wasn’t crispy at all. Boo. Really, I thought this one had the MOST potential.

I saw someone’s facebook pics and there were things on there that looked phenomenal, but I’m guessing that it’s been a busy day and they’d sold out of most things already today. Get there early, folks!

Try to check it out this weekend, everything’s 20% off!

On another note, I am now a proud owner of a “food storage system”, whatever that is. Sounds nuts, but I just spent $200 on food containers. I HAD to! I’ve been overrun by those asshole moths that like cereal, flour and pasta like 3 times and I’ve thrown away easily more than $200 in food, so I figure they’re a good investment. Besides, they look pretty cool.

And lastly, for comic relief, I was walking home from the bakery and went through Leo Di Vinci school–my shortcut to get home. Damn if the back gate wasn’t PADLOCKED. I threw my pastry over, hung my bag on the post (I wasn’t about to throw my camera over) and climbed that sucker. Some kids playing basketball cheered when I made it over. Good times in the neighborhood.

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