Home Improvement

by Sarah on July 16, 2009

I’m on my bi-annual home improvement kick. This is my house now:

I know, there’s nothing wrong with it. It’s cute. Built in 1950, I love it. Somewhere along the way, some of it’s 1950 charm got “updated” and now I am driven to put it BACK.

One easy way is the front door. I’m having a hard time deciding though:

What do you think? The ‘Palo Alto’ or ‘The Grover’?
Found at Crestview Doors–www.crestviewdoors.com/

Here’s some fun I’m having out back–ELECTRICITY! I guess in 1950 they didn’t put in electric in the back yard. I now have 2 lights and 2 outlets! Woo!

Here’s a shot of the light I got at IKEA, with the table I recently painted 60’s Tupperware Yellow.

See, I decided to do the patio in exclusively old Tupperware colors. I was inspired by this beauty:

I painted my chairs orange too:

I just need to put in some avocado green in there somewhere and I’ll be all set.
Of course, no 50’s backyard would be complete without these!

Found at Capital Nursery on Freeport.

Now, on to the kitchen. This is a big job but first I’m thinking floor.
Here it is now, in all it’s glory.

Cute, right? But just LOOK AT THE COUNTERTOPS.

Those counters are the reason I bought my house. Sounds dumb, but it was true love at first sight when I saw those beauties.

I’m thinking this: http://www.armstrong.com/commflooringna/products/vct

or this: http://www.forboflooringna.com/default.aspx?menuid=791

But I’m just not sure yet. Any ideas?

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