Foie Fascists

by Sarah on July 24, 2009

PETA brought it WEAK today at Cafe Rolle. They supposedly had a “protest” planned for tonight at 6 p.m. and much to my joy and happiness, it failed utterly. My beloved Cafe Rolle was stuffed to the gills with customers, and several times had lines waiting for tables. Even Selland’s customers were coming over to order some foie gras to take back and eat with their dinners across the street.

Ever-friendly ol’ Guido tried talking some sense into one little girl, asking how much she knew about this particular establishment, where they sourced product, etc…and low and behold, she predictably knew nothing. I don’t think she’d even read the PETA pamphlet that was provided. “It’s the first time I’ve come to one of these…” Bless her little bleeding heart.

One gal, as I was happily munching my dinner, compared it to force feeding my cat. What kind of comparison is that? Please. The ignorance is silly.
(AND there were leather shoes in the bunch. What kind of logic is that?)

Here’s another look at the same argument.

California is set to ban foie gras in 2012. Chicago did the same thing a few years ago. Fortunately for Chicago, and likely for us in California, it did not last.

You don’t want to eat meat? Or foie? Or veal? Well, then, don’t eat it. But don’t bitch at me for wanting to partake in a high quality product. Especially one that was raised for food consumption, and that wasn’t raised on a hormone-laden food lot.

Look, this is America. I respect one’s right to bitch and moan and protest in public areas. Now please just respect my right to eat my dinner.

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