Falafel’s Drive-In!

by Sarah on July 1, 2009

FIRST THING we did when I pulled into San Jose was to pile into Auntie Anne’s Honda and drove to Falafel’s. The need for fried chickpea balls waits for no person. Falafel’s is a teeny-tiny place that looks like it may have housed a burger joint in the 50’s or 60’s. Apparently it’s been Falafel’s for quite a while though.

First, you wait in the long line, which gives you plenty of time to stare at the overhead menu and decide on what you want to eat. Will it be a sandwich? Do you want a plate? Chicken? Kabob? Tabouleh? Pita chips? Hummus?

We all went for the basic falafel sandwich, because it calls me like a siren’s song. I think of this thing sometimes and want to drive all the way to SJ to satisy my craving. I also got an orange freeze and Anne got the banana shake, of which Falafel’s is also famous for.

Shannon was excited about the sandwich too

See, when you bite into it, you get the crunchy outside and all of the cucumber, lettuce, tomato and goo…..and you see this neon green staring back at you. That’s how you know it’s healthy, despite it’s being deep-fried and all. If it’s green and made of chickpeas, it just has to be healthy.

We got a couple extra falafel balls for the kiddo. She ate some and she threw some on the floor. She didn’t throw my orange freeze on the floor though, it was a definate hit in the kid department.

Check it out if you’re within a couple hundred miles. It’s TOTALLY worth the drive. Check out the website too, it’s awesome.

2301 Stevens Creek Blvd
San Jose, CA 95128

(408) 294-7886

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