Porky Goodness: Or How I Stuffed my Face and Lived to Tell

by Sarah on June 22, 2009


This was a well-oiled machine tonight at The Pig on the Corner, aka Mulvaney’s. We sat down at precisely 7pm and the feeding frenzy began. Food was served family-style for tables of 8. Seconds, thirds, fourths were served. Many bottles of wine were consumed. It’s a small miracle I am upright and able to type!

We started out with a lovely and refreshing salad of greens, apricots, Shaft blue cheese and walnuts.

Next came a creamy, rich carbonara–of course made with Dave Brochier’s genius pasta. It was laden with bacon and our table gobbled down at least four bowls.

Then came the “Guest of Honor”, the giant roast pig, whose cavity was stuffed with whole chickens. Deeeelightful. Crunchy, crispy cracklins, ribs, loin, random parts and a few bits of bacon-flavored chicken thrown in. Alongside the meat were some yummy greens, bitter and sweet at the same time.

I got to suck a little on a crispy pied du cochon also. Yum.

Somehow we managed to devour the dessert. Berries over a chocolate bread pudding served with sweetened mascarpone and shortbread cookies.

We were a fatter, happier bunch then we were just a few short hours earlier. What a way to begin the work week!

Now I’m a bit tipsy on wine and high on pork fat. Things got a little wild.

Just another night in the life of a pig lover. I really need to work out this week.

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