Alice Waters Would be Proud

by Sarah on June 18, 2009

Garden Update!

My baby lettuces and radishes are coming along nicely. I think I’ll eat a salad tonight.

Arugula–success for the first time, it feels so good.

Tomatoes are getting big, now if they’d just ripen.

Blossom Rot: Striking when you least expect it! I think it may actually be a calcium definciency. I’ve been really careful about even watering this year.

Cukes with repurposed jail bars that used to be over our windows:

Corn and melons! Ambrosia cantaloupe and honeydew, Zak’s favorite.

In other breaking news, we got a hot tub! I feel very 70’s. And no, I’m not inviting anyone over to go “tubbing” anytime soon.

The ex recently moved out of state and was selling the thing but didn’t unload it in time so we got it instead. Now the task of building the concrete thing and getting it hooked up. Just in time for 100* weather!

Also exciting: Monday the 22nd is the Pig Roast at Mulvaney’s! $35 per person for 4courses, eaten family style. I reserved 2 tables of 8 so it should be a fun fun fun party! Here’s the menu:

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