Lady Who Lunches, Dines, Stuffs Face Incessantly

by Sarah on May 29, 2009

So I’m haven’t been working at my regular job (yes, I’m rubbing it in) for 6 weeks now. Obviously I’m not catering either. You wonder just what I’ve been doing to keep myself busy? Eating. Plain and Simple. A lady who lunches. But hey, I don’t limit it to lunch. I’ll go out to dinner, too.

Early in the month was spent in a drug-induced haze so I 1) Didn’t go out as much, and 2) Can’t remember it if I did. I failed at taking photos early on too, so sorry, little visuals.

Surgery date: 4/22/09. First lunch out? 4/23/09. It was after a meeting with some work folks and they went to El Pollo Loco. I was still in a cast and high as a kite on the Lortab. Ever seen a loaded one-handed lady try to eat tacos? No pictures of this one, move along.

During this early stage, I also had lunch at La Mision on Florin with Erin and at the Hoppy Brewing Company with my union pals. La Mision is good. Hoppy, not so much. It appears they haven’t discovered salt and pepper yet.

5/5/09. Lunch at the De Young Museum Cafe. I forgot to take pictures at the cafe.
But of course I freaked out over this enormous bowl of glass fruit. I really just love it. It’s humongous. You can kind of see feet in the background for perspective.

SAME DAY, dinner. Out for the Cinco de Mayo festivities with the parents, celebrating the youngster’s birthday a day early. We were at a place in Roseville (Gasp! Roseville!) in the Kohl’s shopping center. I sadly have forgotten the name, because it was quite good.

Zane’s above-average fajitas.

This is a molcahete: Hot bubbly things–meats, cheese, cactus (nopales), peppers.

My dinner: Carne asada with nopales salad and rice. The nopales salad was excellent.

The very next day was Little Z’s 17th birthday. And because he is spoiled–and had a break in his day, of course–I took him to lunch at a new joint in town called Burgers & Brew.
I was having fun with the kid and did not take a picture of my juicy, delicious jalapeno-cheese burger, medium rare. It was a thing of beauty. I also had onion rings that were stellar. There’s a photo and my review is up at

This, however, is us fat and happy right after.

Saturday, 5/9/09. Raku Sushi with the Epicureans group. All you can eat, made to order, not a buffet. Best feature? Homemade doughnuts.

Tuesday, 5/12/09. La Bonne Soupe. Brie and apple sandwich on baguette with cream of celery soup. Ya gotta LOVE La Bonne Soupe.

Thursday, 5/14/09. Village Drive-In. Baby cheeseburger with my favorite onion rings! Call it in, they take forever.

Saturday, 5/16/09. Lunch: Jim-Denny’s 75th anniversary. Burgers, chips, a gallon of water. It was darn hot that day. (see the Jim-Denny’s blog for pictures)
Dinner: Akebono. Ocean trout nigiri and cold soba with tempura veg.

Monday, 5/18/09. Magpie Caterers and Cafe. Shrimp salad with mixed greens and baguette toast. Homemade tart lemondade.

Tuesday, 5/19/09. Sushi in San Francisco with my old pal and his awesome kooky kid.

Wednesday, 5/20/09. I was in a meeting and had a pretty decent catered lunch by….I don’t know.
Dinner: Dad’s Kitchen. My favorite “Green Machine” sandwich and I stole other people’s fries.

Thursday, 5/21/09. Aviators in the Executive Airport. Patty Melt with surprisingly yellow onion rings. I love the Exec Airport. It’s like a time machine.

Friday, 5/22/09. Lunch: Cafe Rolle. Baguette toast with chevre and a summer salad. And a cold bottle of rose. As featured recently on “Triple D” on the Food Network.

Dinner: Zen Sushi, omakase sushi from the lord of deliciousness, Lou. It was the husband’s birthday dinner and he was indeed a happy man. Thank you Lou!

Saturday, 5/23/09. Corti Bros. Salami sandwich with provolone and peppers. Red potato salad. Perfect hot weather food.

Sunday, 5/24/09. Shady Lady. “Fried Chicken, greens, mac n cheese” and Bacon Deviled Eggs. I was a little disappointed with the food, to tell you the truth. It was kind of expensive and it wasn’t that great.

Tuesday, 5/26/09. Lunch: Lalo’s. My beloved Lalo’s. Al pastor tacos and a picadillo quesadilla. Melon smoothie.

Dinner: The Shack. I had a ridiculous looking strawberry salad and some Belgian beer. It was quite possible the worst service I’ve seen–at least in recent history. The food wasn’t that great either. The beer selection and patio are nice.

Wednesday, 5/27/09. Sacramento Brewing Company. A gross overdressed salad and a Belgian white beer. No pictures necessary.

Thursday, 5/28/09. Mulvaney’s B&L. Grilled chicken salad with “little gem” radishes and buttermilk dressing. Sour cherry lambic. Deliciousness.
Pictures forgotten in my feeding frenzy.

Friday, 5/29/09. Took it down a notch for lunch and had a pb&j on this yummy “squaw” bread I got at the farmer’s market Thursday. It is made by the Sac Baking Company and is dark like pumpernickel, but sweet as it has molasses in it. Wonderful toast bread or, if you’re like me, pb&j’s.
Dinner: Kru. I was eating with a fun group, but maybe not the most adventurous eaters. My favorite thing of the evening…this hamachi carpaccio. Sorry, it’s a crap picture.

Saturday, 5/30/09. Day of Gluttony. Breakfast: Lalo’s al pastor tacos.

Late lunch: split an avocado & turkey sandwich at Togo’s with the spouse.
Dinner: Beautiful homemade Indian dinner at a cooking class I was at. Chicken pakoras, carrot salad, cumin rice, curry chicken and mango lassi. YUM YUM.

Sunday, 6/1/09. Managed to stay home all day but after tons of yard work was too lazy to cook dinner. Got take-away Chinese from Far East. Gai Lan in oyster sauce, fried tofu and rice. And a fortune cookie that mocked me.

Tuesday, 6/2/09. Lunch at Le Petit Paris. Tartines of gruyere, ham and cornicon in the foreground, beet and chevre in the back. The little plate of macarons was our dainty dessert. From left: Pistachio, cafe, and passionfruit-coconut.

Just a few more snaps of some of the displays:

Wednesday, 6/2/09. Lunch at Fog Mountain Cafe. I had curried carrot soup. I forgot to capture it on film, but it was orange.

Thursday, 6/3/09. Lunch again at Lalo’s, the bestest Mexican place in all of Sacramento. I took some work pals and my kid and his friend.
We all split a couple of quesadillas, the squash blossom and picadillo. They’ve been out of huitlacoche the last few times I’ve been there.

What’s huitlacoche, you say? Ugly, but delicious, like a mushroom-type thing.

Anyway, we all had an assortment of tacos, quesadillas and my beloved al pastor.

Lalo’s really is fabulous, and I’m so lucky to have it a few blocks from home. It was written up in the Sacramento Bee recently, so hopefully it won’t get too overrun with the gringos.

Today is Friday, 6/5/09. The last day of my worker’s comp leave. Sadness but also happiness, because my darling baby Zak is graduating from high school. I cancelled my lunch date, because I have a million things to do for tonight and for tomorrow’s grad party at our house. So I will end this mondo post here.

I will also end my mondo binge eating here, at least hopefully. A shout out to all my dining partners, and to WSR and FR who kindly lent me their Wii’s and Wii Fit so I didn’t turn into a total blimp.

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