by Sarah on May 18, 2009


Jim-Denny’s is a landmark here in downtown Sacramento, and this past weekend celebrated it’s 75th birthday. It was celebrated in proper fashion, with $3 breakfast and lunch deals, a beer garden, live music, raffles and 100+ degree weather.

Here’s my old Yelp review for some background:

Since Jim-Denny’s burgers have already been Yelped from here to hog-heaven, I’ll just leave my comments on the Jim-Denny Breakfast Experience.
Here’s my advice to you: Bring your appetite, because you won’t need to eat anything else for the rest of the day. First, the atmosphere. You can’t get any better than this for diner decor. One counter, ten stools. Sidle up, and make friends with the folks behind the bar. The coffee’s pretty decent, and just like Cheers, they seemed to know everyone’s names.
I ordered what was listed as the “mini breakfast”. Since I am on the smaller side, and would like to remain that way, I figured the mini was the way to go. A “mini pancake”, one egg, two bacon and some hash browns. The pancake was as big as my head. I couldn’t even put a respectable dent in it. But damn, it was delicious. They have maple and boysenberry syrups in which to compliment your ‘cake. The rest was good too, bacon nice and crispy, and the potatoes shredded and extra-crispy, just the way I like ‘em. Husb got the “regular” breakfast, which was the same as mine, but a “regular” sized pancake, 2 eggs, 2 bacon, 2 sausage and potatoes–he opted for home fries. I am not kidding you, I could have laid down on that pancake and used it for a sleeping bag. It was ridiculously enormous. It didn’t even fit on the large oval plate.
I was planning on ordering one of their “breakfast sandwiches” to go for the lazy kid waiting at home, but when I saw our finished plates that looked like we hadn’t even touched them, I opted to bring them home. The perpetually-starving teenaged kid couldn’t even finish our food.
I guess my point is that the portions here are humongous. Go with a loved one and split a breakfast. You will LOVE it. Guaranteed.

There was also a pancake eating contest and a burger eating contest later in the day. Never was there a prouder mother in the land, as I was to see my offspring and his pals enter and compete in the burger-eating contest.
That’s my kid on the end, with the shaggy hair, Pedro, Roland and Ricardo. They obviously haven’t eaten recently, they are ready.
Theeerrrrrrrree OFF! 3 1/2 pound burgers, no condiments in less than 5 minutes. Can they do it?Photobucket
Zane’s not even trying, and Pedro is pulling ahead.Photobucket
Sweet, sweet victory. And the title of Iron Stomach.

And to think, they did this so they didn’t have to pay $3 for the burger lunch.

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