Boo hoo, no wifi, no blogs

by Sarah on March 26, 2009

So, I’ve been without much access to the interwebs so sorry there’s been no more updates or photos. I leave tomorrow to go to NYC for the day—MOMA and Veau d’Or, here I come. Also, the comforts of the Marriott Hotel, with it’s modern bed and a normal pillow. And a bathtub. And internet. Oh yeah, TV.

Our hosts have been wonderful and totally fabulous but are all young artsy types who lack mattresses. I am sleeping on a cot in a 20-something year old’s bedroom while she is off somewhere skiing. Needless to say, my back is killing me. But mostly I’m numb and dead tired every night from walking and climbing stairs for 18 hours.

GREAT food in Paris. Lori, Sunny and I have shared some wonderful meals and that has definitely been my favorite thing while being here. Photos to come.

Tonight we bought several poulet roti (roasted chicken), salad stuff, baguette, cheese from the awesomely stinky fromagerie, some grapes, some flowers and several bottles of vin rouge to say thanks to our hosts. Should be fun, but no one will be home till 9–I hope I make it that long.

Au revoir, Paris. Je Taime.

Hello New Yawk!

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