Tag! Yer it!

by Sarah on February 6, 2009

My lovely cousin Molly…or first cousin once removed….whatever….ANYWAY, she tagged me in this silly photo blog thingy. So here you are:

The rules are: go the the 4th folder on your computer where
you store your pics and pick the 4th photo in it; explain the
picture and tag 4 others.


This is my father. This is my father on wine. Lots of it, too, and whoever is holding the camera also had a fair amount.
It is my dad’s birthday in 2004, which means he was 61 years old. He has just received his favorite gift of all time, wool socks. He asks for wool socks for every holiday. Just to mix it up this past Christmas, I got him cashmere socks. The man was in heaven.

So, I guess I’ll share the wealth with…..

Gretchen at http://eichlerific.blogspot.com/

Shannon at MinMade http://www.minmade.blogspot.com/

Cathy at Noble Pig http://noblepig.com/

Eileen and Sue at Just the Two of Us http://justeileenandsue.blogspot.com/

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