I am a total dork for Christmas music

by Sarah on December 8, 2008


I love it, totally, unashamedly and absolutely. The records come out the day after Thanksgiving and get played pretty much nonstop till Xmas. Or until G strangles me, whichever comes first.

Here are some of my favorites, maybe not necessarily in order of preference, since it changes from week to week:

1. A John Waters Christmas.
Hands-down my favorite. What is better than John Waters AND Christmas? This record has such favorites as “Fat Daddy” and “Santa Claus was a Black Man”. This one freaks out the relatives, too, so it is doubly enjoyable.

2. Charles Brown–anything.
“Please Come Home for Christmas” is my favorite though. This man has a voice like melted chocolate. mmmmmmm.

3. The Raveonettes.
They have a new Christmas EP that’s pretty awesome, but my personal favorite is “The Christmas Song”. I found them all on iTunes. Lots of good feedback and noise.

4. “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy”–The Nutcracker.
I totally wanted to be the Sugar Plum Fairy when I grew up. I had a whole dance routine for this one.

5. Christmas with Johnny Cash.
“Blue Christmas” is my favorite, it kicks Elvis’ version’s ass.

6. Ray Charles and Betty Carter.
“Baby, it’s Cold Outside”–love it, it’s sexy.

7. John Lennon.
“Happy Christmas (War is Over)” I love John Lennon. The Polyphonic Spree does a respectable cover, too.

8. A Christmas Gift to You from Phil Spector.
What the hell happened to Phil Spector? I mean, he always was a weirdo, but damn he could produce one fine album. This record is regarded as the BEST Christmas album EVER by a lot of famous people. I like it too.

9. Vince Guaraldi Trio.
“Christmastime is Here”. I love the Charlie Brown Christmas special, don’t you?

10. Marty Stuart.
“Even Santa Gets the Blues”. I just found this one this year on iTunes, but I like it. For some reason I like depressing Christmas music. I wish Elliott Smith would’ve made a Christmas album, I’d be all over that.

11. Joey Ramone.
“Merry Christmas (I Don’t Want to Fight Tonight)” and “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)”. I love The Ramones! I thought he was Jewish though.

12. John Denver.
“Christmas for Cowboys” is my #1 favorite of John Denver’s, but I am also quite fond of the “A Christmas Together” by John Denver and the Muppets–Really! Give it a try!

13. Porter Wagoner.
“A Tennessee Christmas”. He’s got a twangy voice and it’s smooooth.

14. Thee Headcoatees.
“Santa Claus”. I adore Billy Childish, he’s a special individual. This song rocks and is also a crack-up. I bet John Waters would like this one.

15. Low.
The record is just called “Christmas”. It has 8 songs and only costs $7.92 on iTunes. My favorite tracks are “Just Like Christmas”, “Taking Down the Tree”, and their version of “Silent Night”. I saw them play about 8 years ago at the Capitol Garage in Sacramento, they were really good but they didn’t play any Christmas music.

16. The Kinks.
“Father Christmas”. See, I love this song. Only I forgot about it until right now, so I’m definately NOT going in order now for sure. This song makes me happy, even though Santa gets mugged.

17. The Beach Boys.
“Christmas with the Beach Boys”. I like the song “Little Saint Nick” the best, closely followed by “Santa’s Beard” and “Merry Christmas Baby”. Their harmonies are ridiculous.

18. Run DMC.
“Christmas in Hollis”. It’s Christmastime in Hollis, Queens, Mom’s cookin chicken and collard greens….How can anyone not love that?

19. Willie Nelson.
“Pretty Paper” is the best, though “Please Come Home for Christmas” is also very enjoyable. Country Christmas music is awesome!

20. Bing Crosby, Dean Martin, Peggy Lee, Louis Prima, Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, Glenn Miller, Jimmy Durante, and of course the great Burl Ives.
All the oldies and goodies. Plus all the songs from the Christmas specials that we watched (still watch) every single year. Long live Rudolf!

p.s. Do you like my pink Christmas tree?

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