Happy New Year’s Eve?

by Sarah on December 31, 2008

What’s the plan for this year? G went to our local Japanese Market, Oto’s, and got some sushi-grade fish so I think we’re going to chill and gorge ourselves on sushi and sparkling sake. For those of you who haven’t had sparkling sake yet, try it! The kind I get is in a tiny pink bottle and is adorable AND delicious. Of course, I’m staying sober just in case I get a drunken call from a certain 18 year old son.


I read a lot of blogs, and one of my favorite local ones is Vanilla Garlic. He’s got a “traveling tagine project” going and I think it sounds fun. I’m just worried I’ll break it!


The party I catered on the 27th was a blast. It was for a couple who I’ve catered for before and they have the most fabulous kitchen ever. I typically don’t like remodeled kitchens in old houses, but this one was done superbly and didn’t look like it was just cut and pasted onto the old house like most of them do.
I made some glazed spareribs adapted from good old James Beard that were the hit of the party.


Be safe and sane out there tonight, if anyone is crazy enough to venture out, that is…..

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