Dammit! And Yay!

by Sarah on September 10, 2008

So, there I was, just going about my business. Everything’s been going so well you know, house is good, family is fine, work’s ok, etc.


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And to top it off, the truck won’t start. So here I sit, watching Mad Men OnDemand, futzing around on facebook and the internets in general. I guess things could be worse, at least Sarah Palin is not my governor.

And what about Sarah Palin? What a complete nutjob. It’s so surreal that this woman actually has FANS out there somewhere. Insane, religious whackjob fans, but still. I just can’t wait till the VP debate. (October 2nd!) I hope Biden mops the floor with her pitbull-wearing-lipstick ass.

On a brighter note, we’ve had some good food lately. We went to the first annual “Pints and Pork” dinner at Mulvaney’s B&L, at his new building next door. It was a lot of porky and beery fun. All the beers were provided and paired by Rubicon. Don’t shoot me, but I’m not a huge fan of Rubicon beers. They are just a bit hoppy for my taste. The pils to start off with was crisp and yummy and we had
mini-reubens, smoked salmon on homemade chips and grilled figs with blue cheese to go with it.
The meal was all family style, and G and I sat with my cool friend Wendy, local promoter Brian McKenna, his brother and a friend whose name I forgot. First off we had Jamaican bangers and mash with Rosebud ale. Spicy, with pancetta plantains and carribean coleslaw. Next was pinwheels of housemade mozzarella with coppa and heirloom tomatoes. It was ok, but honestly, kind of boring. It was served with amber ale. Next was one of my favorites, Piri Piri prawns with “linquini” made of squash and bacon lardons. Unfortunately for me, this is when the IPA’s started. Bleah.

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My favorite course was next: Grilled Bledsoe pork shoulder with crispy pork belly, chili polenta and salsa. Yum, so piggy, savory, crispy! Pork belly is one of those things that seem like they would be jiggly and gross, but it’s so amazingly delicious.
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Last was dessert, made by Ginger Elizabeth. There was no pork, at least in what she made. It was flourless chocolate cake with a tart berry compote. My pictures sucked, so too bad. It was served with “Scott’s sour cherry lager” which was damn fine. Especially with the chocolate. Amazing.

One more little treat, because Mr. Mulvaney couldn’t resist:
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No, it’s not a turd.

It’s chocolate covered bacon.

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