Corti Bros Closing? Say it ain’t so!

by Sarah on August 1, 2008

So I’m sure everyone’s seen the sacbee’s news stories about our beloved Corti Brothers. If not:

I wrote a letter to Michael Teel, Raley grandson and co-founder of the Good Eats grocery chain, expressing my sincere dismay and vow to never set food in the Good Eats stores if they persist in destroying our local landmark, Corti’s.
He did respond, with a chain letter, asking me to keep an open mind. Um, no thanks, dude. Even if my mind was as open as the Grand Canyon, I will never forgive the demise of my beloved Corti Brother’s butcher counter, deli, imports and wine selection. I’m feeling verklempt already. I had to soothe myself by going in last night and buying $65 worth of deli items.

In all honesty though, Corti’s is where I source all of my meats, deli stuff and a lot of imported goods for my catering jobs. I can find anything and everything, and while it may be a little pricey, it’s of the highest quality, hands down. I NEVER have to worry about quality for a client when I go pick something up at that store, as I would elsewhere. I hope they decide to keep the store open. Do you hear that, Darrell Corti? Stay open!

Some local foodies put together this blog if you are curious…


On a happier note, the Mr. and I will finally get to visit the Hidden Kitchen tomorrow night! Don’t know about it?

Here’s the menu, ooh la la:
Ahi Tuna Sliders with
Sweet Potato Frites
Mango Ketchup

Grape Gorgonzola Galette
Watercress & Arugula
Meyer Lemon Vinaigrette

Gnocchi Verdi
with Pesto Genovese

Stuffed Veal Chops ala Griglia
Zucchini Canoes
Spicy Sweet Corn Cakes

Torta di Albicocca
Cherry Gelato
Limoncello (Choices include Lemon, Strawberry, Ginger)

I’ll try to take some photos, but I’m not promising anything because I always forget. I did take some pictures in the garden this week, I’ll try to get something up here.
Oh yeah, I have about 2 million plums and 3 million asian pears. Any ideas about what to do with some of them?

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