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by Sarah on July 23, 2008

Who’s been to Masullo’s? I love that place. Did you know all the wood furniture in there, including the bar, was from a several hundred year old oak that was salvaged from the Richards Blvd area?

Here’s my Yelp review:
Hooray for me!

Finally, a great Neopalitan pizza in Sacramento, and it turns out that it’s less than 5 miles from my house. That’s just swell.

We’ve been there a couple of times now, and the last time I was lucky enough to be sitting next to the chef/owner’s parents, so I got the back-story low down.
Chef: Robert Masullo: Graduated from CIA, Hyde Park. Worked somewhere in the south and then in Minneapolis. Was a pastry chef for some time. Went to McClatchy High School.
The pizzas are individual, though they look pretty big. They’re just skinny, so even I can eat almost a whole one by myself. So far we’ve tried the mixed greens and arugula salads, the “Eileen” pizza, the “4 Quarters” pizza, the Eggplant and the Josephine. On our last visit after learning about the pastry cheffing, we tried the polenta cake and the housemade chocolate pudding. All were perfect, though you might want to season them to your liking with salt and freshly ground pepper as I did. They do use a giant wood-burning oven for everything so the pizzas get a nice blistery, crispy thing going on.

Yes, it’s a little loud for now, but Dad assures me that they are in the process of getting some “noise deadening” art work on the walls soon and that should take care of the problem.

And dudes, I don’t know what that one lady was talking about this place being expensive, I think she’s high on crack or something. $11 for the pizzas and around $5 for the salads. Wine and beer are reasonable too. I got the cutest little bottle of prosecco–that stuff goes great with pizza.

Anyway, I don’t think I can talk it up anymore. Just get your butts down there and spend your money.


Have you heard that Zagat is making a Sacramento edition? I did some reviews, but have only seen one that is posted so far. If you register and submit some reviews, supposedly they will send you a free copy when it finally comes out.


No new catering jobs lately, which is good I guess, since my wrists are still trying to heal. That’s why I’ve not been typing much too, dudes, I don’t want any of that carpal tunnel nonsense.
I have a feeling things are going to ramp up this fall. We’ll see.


I am turning 40 in like, 2.5 months. To commemorate this ridiculous event, we are going to attempt to get reservations at the French Laundry. Has anyone out there gone? Is it still the greatest food experience ever? Is it intimidating to try to get reservations?
It’s scaring me a little.

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