by Sarah on May 6, 2008

I fell on the stairs at work today. Right in front of one of my coworkers. Luckily, I was so embarrassed that it didn’t hurt right away. Now it kind of does. I filled out one of those incident report thingys just in case I’ve broken some bones and need to take an extended leave from work. Just being cautious, you know?  Of course this happens on my kid’s birthday.  Lame.

On another note, there’s a market research company that I occasionally do stuff for. I just got the mother of market research jobs! I get to go to an old-skool steakhouse, spend $75 with a date, includes 2 alcoholic beverages then compare it to another old-skool steakhouse with the same budget. They are reimbursing me for the dinners, then I get another $100 for the homework.
That’s just damn sweet. I nearly cried with joy when I got that call. Usually I get picked for the ones where I’m smelling cleaning products or looking at dumb commericals.

Tomorrow the husb and I are going to the A’s/O’s game at the Colisseum–GO A’s! He’s an O’s fan, so we’ll be wearing our deuling outfits.

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