Pee Pee Pants

by Sarah on April 22, 2008

We helped out at a big party and it was a great success!

When we all got back to my place, my friend L told us a great story.

Apparently a not-so-sober party-goer asked my pals if there was a bathroom nearby. Of course they pointed it out, and on she went. A few minutes later, she stumbled back into the kitchen, bumped L out of the way with her bony hip and shoved something into the food-laden trash can–all the way up to her ELBOWS. Of course L needed to know just what in the world needed to get shoved way down in the grody trash can. And since the inebriated one kindly didn’t bother to cover her tracks, L was clearly able to see her white cotton undies stained yellow with her asparagus pee pee.
I almost had asparagus pee pee in my pants after that story, but luckily I was only half a glass into my wine.


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